Laurent CAVIN

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Personal Data

Name:Laurent Cavin
Function:Post Doc (Computer-aided process design)
Dept.:Chemistry - LTC
Group:Sicherheit und Umweltschutz in der Chemie
Group Leader:Prof. K. Hungerbuehler
Office Address:ETH-Hoenggerberg
8093 Zürich
Office Location:HCI G.125
Office Phone:01 / 632 7142
Office Fax:01 / 632 1189
Private Address:Herrligstr. 5
8048 Zürich-Altstetten
phone: 01/431.83.86
E-mail Address:


Objective: To use and develop computer-based techniques to optimize chemical manufacturing.

With backgrounds both in chemical engineering (BS/MS [Ing. Chim. Dipl. EPF] with majors in Physical Chemistry and Process Engineering and PhD degree in Process Synthesis) and in programming (8 years of experience as a freelance programmer, fluency in several programming languages such as C/C++, VB, MatLab, PERL...), my research and my professional activities aim at merging those two backgrounds to achieve an efficient computer-aided process development.
Working in Switzerland, I mostly concentrated on batch processes, and multi-purpose plants that are extensively used in the swiss high value-added pharmaceuticals, specialties and custom manufacturing industries. On the specialized software-side, I worked mostly with, and developed adds-in for, AspenTech's BatchPlus, while keeping fluent with the latest capabilities of AspenPlus.
I seek to work either for a software company to develop such tools, or for chemical/pharmaceutical companies in the process development department.

My resume   [PDF]

Mixed Stuff

The language of technical computing and data visualization

Matlab is a great development environment with a huge library of existing toolboxes and functions. On this web site, some resources are available, among those an SQL library for calling databases from Matlab, a function for exporting XML, a procedure demonstrating internet connections within MatLab (using java and regular expressions), a small utility for compiling statistics about multi-file project, a flexible user-customizable GUI for handling user-input or an extension of the random number generator for triangular functions. Of course, the main matlab link is Mathworks.

Chaos and Fractals
The world of fractional dimension!

Chaos is a very interesting field of study, as it is at the frontier between natural sciences, mathematics and arts. Indeed chaotic behaviors can appear in many systems relevant to chemistry, be it in computational simulations or in reactions thermal control.
A small introduction on chaos is provided, as well as a MatLab software to generate and study figures of fractional dimensions, such as strange attractors, complex maps or lindenmayer systems.

Virtual Reality Markup Language

VRML is quite an exciting language to easily generate pictures. You can check my demo CSE CityScape that randomly generates 3D Cities where you can walk as if you were visiting Manhattan. If you prefer more serious usages, please check the design analysis pages.
An excellent tutorial to learn VRML is given on Lighthouse 3D, with interactive demos to test the different features of this language.
You will need a browser plug-in to view VRML-worlds. An option is Cortona that you can download for free.

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